A new hope?

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When I look in the past, I see my last articles was published on the 24th of November 2018, two years and a half without a new article. I think I had to write a little about that.

Why did I stop to publish?

I had nothing new from the majority to say. When I begin to write, privacy concerns was just something exotic. The General Data Protection Regulation wasn’t here and apart privacy concerns people, not a lot of people really know about that and understand it means. Today, I think the situation is different. I think a lot of people know about how it is important but they choose to give it up. I also reach a plateau and didn’t have something I think interesting to share.

Writing was painful and hours costly. I used Pluxml CMS to host my blog. It is a good CMS, without database but use it was for me quite artisanal. I had to do a lot of things by myself and the text editor wasn’t good enough. It also took me a lot of times to make it as I want for an average result.

My blog wasn’t necessary for me any more. When I begin to write, I had in mind to improve my skills, my knowledge and to discover very interesting blog which will allow me to learn a lot. Writing blog post was good to do that and I learned a lot. With time, I discovered I learned a lot more in working in a company than in reading blog post. Actually, if you really want to improve your skills in IT, it is not easy. It is not about reading well-written blog post, it is reading bad written documentation, doing a lot of tries in order to make things works and give a lot of hours. I replace with time this blog by a personal documentation which helps me more to be efficient.

My blog didn’t change anything in the world. When I begin to write posts in my blogs, I also have in mind to help the community and improve our world. It could look like extravagant but it is true. With time, I observed that writing blog articles was not game breaker as I thought it could. To be more precise, the blog posts I wanted to write didn’t change the reality enough. Just some few readers, not concrete actions, it seems not efficient for me. That’s why I replace this activity by contributing in open source project and local association. I think they are more concrete and they really improve life of people. Probably not a lot but it is still more than my blog posts I think.

Promote your blog or being invisible. Today, if you want to be read, you have to promote your blog and interact with others. I don’t want to do it that’s why I had to write for myself in order to be insensible of the few reads I will have.

What future for this blog?

The more honest response I can do is “I don’t know”. I don’t know if I will have enough time and energy to still write. I don’t know if I will be something interesting to share. I don’t want to have blog post with few words, I want good article but they required time.

By the way, I replace PluXml by WordPress and I am very happy of this CMS. As I have no time anymore, I now choose to use a powerful tool which just works. I want to be more focus on writing than in customizing or promoting.

A new hope? the time will give us the best answer.

Thank you for reading it.

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